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IET Power Electronics

Volume 11, Issue 7, 19 June 2018

Volume 11, Issue 7

19 June 2018

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    • Isolated high step-up DC–DC converter with integrated cascade structure
      Double-sided CL compensation topology based component voltage stress optimisation method for capacitive power transfer charging system
      Simple current control method for three-phase VSC under unbalanced grid condition
      Open-end transformer-based power tap for interconnection of AC/DC micro-grids
      Ideal current-based distributed control to compensate line impedance in DC microgrid
      Analysis and design of two-switch flyback converter with double passive lossless snubber
      Signal flow graph modelling of a switching converter with single inductor triple output DC–DC structure
      Low-cost SPLL-based electrical faults identification for three-phase squirrel cage induction motor using handheld Doppler radar signal analysis
      Three-state switching cell (3SSC)-based non-isolated dc–dc boost-type converter with balanced output voltage and wide voltage conversion range
      Digital controller based on delta operator for high-frequency DC–DC switching converters
      Over-current protection method for PMSM VSI with small DC-link capacitor
      Physics-based compact model of integrated gate-commutated thyristor with multiple effects for high-power application
      Switching regulator based on a high-voltage gain DC–DC converter with non-pulsating input/output currents
      High-frequency electric-motor modelling for conducted CM current prediction in adjustable speed drive system
      Novel multi-terminal MMC-based dc/dc converter for MVDC grid interconnection
      Field-oriented control based on hysteresis band current controller for a permanent magnet synchronous motor driven by a direct matrix converter
      Step-up switched-capacitor module for cascaded MLI topologies
      Unified modelling and dynamical analysis of current-mode controlled single-inductor dual-output switching converter with ramp compensation
      Quadratic buck–boost converter with positive output voltage and minimum ripple point design

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