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IET Power Electronics

Volume 11, Issue 6, 29 May 2018

Volume 11, Issue 6

29 May 2018

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    • Design and analysis of a novel coupled inductor structure with variable coupling coefficient
      Analysis of the fault current limiting requirement and design of the bridge-type FCL in the multi-terminal DC grid
      Gate driver for high power SiC modules: design considerations, development and experimental validation
      Dead-time effect analysis of a three-phase dual-active bridge DC/DC converter
      Design of an advanced PLL for accurate phase angle extraction under grid voltage HIHs and DC offset
      Analysis and experimental verification of a multi-input converter for DC microgrid applications
      Effective design and implementation of GSS-PLL under voltage dip and phase interruption
      LC/CL compensation topology and efficiency-based optimisation method for wireless power transfer
      Improved series active power filter with fundamental and harmonic magnetic flux hybrid compensation
      Modified hybrid modulation strategy with power balance control for H-bridge hybrid cascaded seven-level inverter
      Analysing the effects due to discontinuous output-voltage ripple in a digitally current-mode controlled boost converter
      Active/reactive power control of photovoltaic grid-tied inverters with peak current limitation and zero active power oscillation during unbalanced voltage sags
      Modelling, control and performance analysis of a single-stage single-phase inverter with reduced low-frequency input current ripple
      Analysis and design of voltage-lift technique-based non-isolated boost dc–dc converter
      Modular non-isolated multi-input high step-up dc–dc converter with reduced normalised voltage stress and component count
      Composite differential evolution algorithm for SHM with low carrier ratio
      Capacitive power transfer through virtual self-capacitance route
      Robust output voltage tracking algorithm for three-phase rectifier with variable sliding surface
      Second-order RC: analysis, augmentation, and anti-frequency-variation for single-phase grid-tied inverter
      Sensorless parameter estimation and current-sharing strategy in two-phase and multiphase IPOP DAB DC–DC converters

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