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IET Power Electronics

Volume 11, Issue 3, 20 March 2018

Volume 11, Issue 3

20 March 2018

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    • Improved control algorithm for grid-connected cascaded H-bridge photovoltaic inverters under asymmetric operating conditions
      Solar powered sensorless induction motor drive with improved efficiency for water pumping
      Novel orthogonal signal generator for single phase PLL applications
      High voltage gain dc–dc converters based on coupled inductors
      Impedance-based analysis of grid harmonic interactions between aggregated flyback micro-inverters and the grid
      Analysis, design and implementation of a DC/DC boost resonant-inductor converter with sliding-mode control
      Optimisation of the HVDC auto transformer by using hybrid MMC modulation
      Selective harmonic eliminated V/f speed control of single-phase induction motor
      Hybrid one-cycle control technique for three-phase power factor control
      Analysis of SiC MOSFET dI/dt and its temperature dependence
      Reduction of leakage inductance and AC resistance of planar transformers by optimising the current distribution
      Adaptive dynamic voltage transitioning in switch mode DC–DC power converters
      Improved control strategy for power quality enhancement in standalone systems based on four-leg voltage source inverters
      Comparative study of adaptive current-mode controllers for a hybrid-type high-order boost converter
      PSM control technique for primary-side regulating fly-back converters
      Efficiency optimisation of a microcontroller-based PV system employing a single sensor fuzzy-logic controller
      Distributed capacitance effects on the transmission performance of contactless power transfer for rotary ultrasonic grinding
      Robust feedback-linearisation control of a boost converter feeding a grid-tied inverter for PV applications
      Third-order boost converter
      No dead-time modulation algorithm for an off-grid inverter based on H6 topology
      Resonant frequency identification based on harmonic injection measuring method for traction power supply systems
      Robust integral controllers for high-order class-D power amplifiers
      Comparative study between different optimisation techniques for finding precise switching angle for SHE-PWM of three-phase seven-level cascaded H-bridge inverter
      Deadbeat control for a single-phase cascaded H-bridge rectifier with voltage balancing modulation
      High step-up cascade synchronous boost DC–DC converter with zero-voltage switching

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