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IET Power Electronics

Volume 11, Issue 2, 20 February 2018

Volume 11, Issue 2

20 February 2018

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    • Supercapacitor-assisted low dropout regulator technique: a new design approach to achieve high-efficiency linear DC–DC converters
    • Half-bridge flyback converter with lossless passive snubber and interleaved technique
      High-efficiency neutral-point-clamped transformerless MOSFET inverter for photovoltaic applications
      Analysis and optimisation of modulation strategy based on dual-phase-shift for modular multilevel high-frequency-link DC transformer in medium-voltage DC distribution network
      Robust and fast sliding-mode control for a DC–DC current-source parallel-resonant converter
      Magnetising-current-assisted wide ZVS range push–pull DC/DC converter with reduced circulating energy
      Discontinuous decoupled SVPWM schemes for a four-level open-end winding induction motor drive with waveform symmetries
      DC offset minimisation of three-phase multilevel inverter configuration under fault and DC link voltage unbalance conditions
      Analysis of efficiency improvement in wireless power transfer system
      Study on the design and switching dynamics of hysteresis current controlled four-leg voltage source inverter for load compensation
      Junction temperature estimation of IGBT module via a bond wires lift-off independent parameter V gE-np
      Power electronic interface with de-coupled control for wind-driven PMSG feeding utility grid and DC load
      Lagrangian dynamics model and practical implementation of an integrated transformer in multi-phase LLC resonant converter
      Finite-state model predictive power control of three-phase bidirectional AC/DC converter under unbalanced grid faults with current harmonic reduction and power compensation
      Stator flux estimation with vector transforming and signal filtering method for electrical machines
      Improvement of speed response in four-phase DC–DC converter switching using two shunt voltage-source
      Active-clamped ZVS current-fed push–pull isolated dc/dc converter for renewable energy conversion applications
      Input voltage sharing control scheme for input series and output series DC/DC converters using paralleled MOSFETs
      Comparison of digital PWM control strategies for high-power interleaved DC–DC converters
      Fault tolerant three-level boost inverter with reduced source and LC count

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