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IET Power Electronics

Volume 11, Issue 15, 18 December 2018

Volume 11, Issue 15

18 December 2018

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    • Multiple resonant controllers strategy to achieve fault ride-through and high performance output voltage in UPS applications
      Optimised phase shift control to minimise current stress of three-level dual active bridge DC–DC converter
      Single chip design for detection and recovery of series LED open/short fault tolerance circuit
      Single-phase hybrid-H6 transformerless PV grid-tied inverter
      Direct grid-side current model predictive control for grid-connected inverter with LCL filter
      Six-phase SVPWM with common-mode voltage suppression
      Topology optimisation and current sharing strategy of interleaved bidirectional dc/dc converter with coupling technique
      Parallel-connected buck converters controlled by capacitor current feedback based PT with current-sharing ability
      Engineering modelling of wind turbine applied in real-time simulation with hardware-in-loop and optimising control
      S-PS resonant topology of WPT system for implantable spinal cord stimulator
      Controllable regenerative braking process for hybrid battery–ultracapacitor electric drive systems
      Design of coils on printed circuit board for inductive power transfer system
      Step-charging technique for CC/CV mode battery charging with low-cost control components in IPT systems
      Dual-frequency-controlled C-TPTL DC−DC converter for high and wide input voltage applications
      Dual-transformer soft-switching DC–DC resonant converter with multiple resonant elements
      Smart solid-state ferroresonance limiter for voltage transformers application: principle and test results
      Non-isolated high gain DC–DC converter with low device stress and input current ripple
      Enhanced orthogonal signal generator for a single-phase grid-connected converter
      Elimination of zero sequence circulating currents in paralleled three-level T-type inverters with a model predictive control strategy

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