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IET Power Electronics

Volume 11, Issue 14, 27 November 2018

Volume 11, Issue 14

27 November 2018

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    • Master–slave structure-based capacitor voltage measuring technique for hybrid modular multilevel converters
      Simplified SHE pulse-amplitude modulation for multilevel inverters
      Analysis of drain current saturation behaviour in GaN polarisation super junction HFETs
      Multi-pulse AC–DC converter fed SVM controlled NPC inverter based VCIMD
      Cancellation of harmonic torque disturbance in permanent magnet synchronous motor drives by using an adaptive feedforward controller
      Modified voltage-mode controller for the quadratic boost converter with improved output performance
      High step-up dc–dc converter with multi-winding CL and switched capacitor
      New high step-up two-input-single-output converter with low-voltage stresses on switches and zero input currents ripple
      Modular multilevel converter with modified half-bridge submodule and arm filter for dc transmission systems with dc fault blocking capability
      Analysis and design of hybrid inductive and capacitive wireless power transfer for high-power applications
      Power maximised and anti-saturation power conditioning circuit for current transformer harvester on overhead lines
      Current residual-based method for open-circuit fault diagnosis in single-phase PWM converter
      ZVS three-phase current-fed push–pull converter employing a simple active-clamp circuit for voltage step-up applications
      Control method for the two-stage matrix converter to enhance the linear voltage transfer ratio
      Constant current/voltage charging for the inductor–capacitor–inductor-series compensated wireless power transfer systems using primary-side electrical information
      Synchronous control strategy of dual five-level converters based on the improved SVPWM
      Single phase nine level inverter using single DC source supported by capacitor voltage balancing algorithm
      Analysis and experimentation of the quad-U variable inductor for power electronics applications
      Self-adaptation load change control strategy for three-phase staggered parallel LLC resonant converter
      Adaptive backstepping approach for dc-side controllers of Z-source inverters in grid-tied PV system applications
      Model reference adaptive system based sensorless speed estimation of brushless doubly-fed reluctance generator for wind power application
      Single-phase five-level Z-source T-type inverter
      Detection of open circuit fault in battery power supply feeding permanent magnet synchronous motor
      PV-fed DVR for simultaneous real power injection and sag/swell mitigation in a wind farm
      Dual-frequency induction heating for gear hardening: converter, resonant circuit, and FEM modelling

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