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IET Power Electronics

Volume 11, Issue 12, 16 October 2018

Volume 11, Issue 12

16 October 2018

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    • Brushless DC motor-driven grid-interfaced solar water pumping system
      Family of zero voltage transition interleaved converters with low voltage and current stress
      Dynamic performance improvement of single-phase PWM converters with power hysteresis control scheme
      Induction motor drive for PV water pumping with reduced sensors
      Research on novel hybrid multilevel inverter with cascaded H-bridges at alternating current side for high-voltage direct current transmission
      Modified MPC with extended VVs for grid-connected rectifier
      Loop-shaping method based current sharing controller design for parallel DC/DC converters
      DC–DC buck converter solely powered by supercapacitors for efficiently powering the hand-held devices
      High step-up DC–DC converter with low power device voltage stress for a distributed generation system
      Derivation, analysis and development of coupled-inductor-based non-isolated DC converters with ultra-high voltage-conversion ratio
      Damping region extension for digitally controlled LCL-type grid-connected inverter with capacitor-current feedback
      Study on electromagnetic energy transducer in ambient vibration
      Multi-channel LED driver based on switched-controlled capacitor with constant frequency control
      Bidirectional soft-switching dc–dc converter for battery energy storage systems
      Modified zero-voltage-switching single-stage LED driver based on Class E converter with constant frequency control method
      Non-intrusive parameter estimation method for autotuned DC–DC converter based on quasi-impulse response
      Bidirectional DC–DC converter with series-connected resonant tanks to realise soft switching

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