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IET Power Electronics

Volume 11, Issue 10, 28 August 2018

Volume 11, Issue 10

28 August 2018

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    • Sensorless control of an H-bridge inverter with output inductor-capacitor filter
      Effect of inductor parasitic resistances on the voltage gain of high step-up DC–DC converters for electric vehicle applications
      Modified harmonic minimisation technique for doubly fed induction generators with solar-wind hybrid system using biogeography-based optimisation
      Study on the derivation of the continuous input current high-voltage gain DC/DC converters
      Evaluation of an interleaved boost converter powered by fuel cells and connected to the grid via voltage source inverter
      Selective harmonic elimination in multilevel inverter using hybrid APSO algorithm
      Comparative analysis of three-level dual active bridge DC–DC converter between reflux-power-optimised and current-stress-optimised phase shift control
      PLL based on extended trigonometric function delayed signal cancellation under various adverse grid conditions
      Control of a high-voltage bidirectional dc–dc flyback converter for driving DEAs
      Composite adaptive model predictive control for DC–DC boost converters
      High step-up dc/dc converter using switch-capacitor techniques and lower losses for renewable energy applications
      Global accurate estimation of positive- and negative-sequence voltage components for variable frequency AC systems

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