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IET Power Electronics

Volume 11, Issue 1, 12 January 2018

Volume 11, Issue 1

12 January 2018

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    • Simple MOSFET gating delay scheme for SMPS start-up in the standby power reduction circuit
      Crisscross switched multilevel inverter using cascaded semi-half-bridge cells
      Soft-switching bidirectional DC–DC converter with high voltage conversion ratio
      Torque ripple reduction PWMs for a single DC source powered dual-inverter fed open-end winding induction motor drive
      Switching strategy for improving the lifetime of dc-link capacitor in a fault-tolerant active power decoupling topology
      Optimum transformer turns ratio for the power supply of dielectric barrier discharge lamps
      Analysis and optimisation of three-coil wireless power transfer systems
      Micro-inverter based on single-ended primary-inductance converter topology with an active clamp power decoupling
      Design and implementation of active neutral-point-clamped nine-level reduced device count inverter: an application to grid integrated renewable energy sources
      Application of ferrite layers in low-profile OLED drivers
      Time-domain characterisation of multicarrier-based digital SPWM of multilevel VSI
      Harmonic injection scheme for harmonic reduction of three-phase controlled converters
      Model predictive stator current control of doubly fed induction generator during network unbalance
      Implementation of two-output three-level series-resonant inverter for induction melting application
      Single-phase bidirectional ac/dc converter for plug-in electric vehicles with reduced conduction losses
      Soft switched full-bridge light emitting diode driver configuration for street lighting application
      Dynamic behaviours of constant on-time one-cycle controlled boost converter
      Switching alternating current (AC) using a fully screen-printed current-driven transistor
      Shaping control strategies for active power filters
      Carrier-overlapping PWM-based hybrid current control strategy applied to two-stage grid-connected PV inverter
      Implementation of reactive power-based MRAS for sensorless speed control of brushless doubly fed reluctance motor drive
      DC-link current analysis of three-phase 2L-VSI considering AC current ripple
      Fault tolerance performance of dual-inverter-based six-phase drive system under single-, two-, and three-phase open-circuit fault operation

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