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IET Power Electronics

Volume 10, Issue 7, 10 June 2017

Volume 10, Issue 7

10 June 2017

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    • Interleaved zero-voltage switching three-level converter with less output inductor counts
      Model predictive control scheme with active damping function for current source rectifiers
      MRAS-based speed estimation of grid-connected doubly fed induction machine drive
      System for load levelling control and operation of an energy storage system
      Design and development of improved power quality based micro-butt welding power supply
      Structural analysis for dynamic model of time-varying switch in bond graph – a case study of single phase switch converters
      Reliability improvement of transistor clamped H-bridge-based cascaded multilevel inverter
      Modelling and control of a hybrid power filter to compensate harmonic distortion under unbalanced operation
      Family of soft-switching pulse-width modulation converters using coupled passive snubber
      High-efficiency low-cost AC/AC buck converter with stability analysis
      Unified Algorithm for Multilevel Inverters
      Common mode voltage reduction in a three-to-five phase matrix converter fed induction motor drive
      High power factor high power density high voltage converter based on AC link
      Interleaved full ZVZCS DC–DC boost converter: analysis, design, reliability evaluations and experimental results
      Bifurcation analysis and operation region estimation of current-mode-controlled SIDO boost converter

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