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IET Power Electronics

Volume 10, Issue 6, 19 May 2017

Volume 10, Issue 6

19 May 2017

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    • High step-up dual full-bridge ZVS DC–DC converter with improved integrated magnetics and new resonant switched capacitor cell
    • Harmonic compensation and resonance damping for SAPF with selective closed-loop regulation of terminal voltage
      High step-up DC–DC converter with switched-capacitor and its zero-voltage switching realisation
      Single-phase cascaded H-bridge multi-level active power filter based on direct current control in AC electric railway application
      Dual-coupled inductors-based high step-up DC/DC converter without input electrolytic capacitor for PV application
      Adaptive neuron detection-based control of single-phase SPV grid integrated system with active filtering
      Estimation of maximum power point of a double diode model photovoltaic module
      Cascaded commutation circuit for a hybrid DC breaker with dynamic control on fault current and DC breaker voltage
      D-Q frame predictive current control methods for inverter stage of solid state transformer
      Simply designed and universal sliding mode observer for the SOC estimation of lithium-ion batteries

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