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IET Power Electronics

Volume 10, Issue 5, 21 April 2017

Volume 10, Issue 5

21 April 2017

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    • Fault-tolerant control for a dual-winding fault-tolerant permanent magnet motor drive based on SVPWM
      Single-stage AC module with series power decoupling capability for connecting PV to a single-phase power grid
      Specific order harmonics compensation algorithm and digital implementation for multi-level active power filter
      DC nanogrid for renewable sources with modular DC/DC LLC converter building block
      Design methodology for very high insulation voltage capabilities power transmission function for IGBT gate drivers based on a virtual prototyping tool
      Operating region and maximum attainable speed of energy-efficient control methods of interior permanent-magnet synchronous motors
      Modulation of a trapezoidal signal: improving signal quality and reducing costs in power inverters
      Design and implementation of a high-efficiency 6.78 MHz resonant wireless power transfer system with a 5 W fully integrated power receiver
      Numerical-based frequency domain controller design for stand-alone brushless doubly fed induction generator power system
      ZVT high step-up DC/DC converter with a novel passive snubber cell

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