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IET Power Electronics

Volume 10, Issue 4, 31 March 2017

Volume 10, Issue 4

31 March 2017

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    • Switching regulator using a DC–DC step-down non-cascading converter
      Predictive dead time controller for GaN-based boost converters
      Neutral-point voltage deviation control for three-level inverter-based shunt active power filter with fuzzy-based dwell time allocation
      Asymmetrical carrier phase-shifted pulse-width modulation for partly regenerative converter
      Magnetising inductance of multiple-output flyback dc–dc convertor for discontinuous-conduction mode
      Improved power decoupling control strategy based on virtual synchronous generator
      Varying phase angle control in isolated bidirectional DC–DC converter for integrating battery storage and solar PV system in standalone mode
      DSTATCOM employing hybrid neural network control technique for power quality improvement
      Dynamical effects of composite output capacitors on current-mode controlled buck converter with constant current load
      Primary topology selection and conversion in short-segmented on-road charging system for electrical vehicles

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