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IET Power Electronics

Volume 10, Issue 3, 10 March 2017

Volume 10, Issue 3

10 March 2017

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    • Fast-transient DC–DC converter with hysteresis prediction voltage control
      Bifurcation behaviour of PWM controlled DC series motor drive
      Analysis of fly-buck converter with emphasis on its cross-regulation
      Adaptive tuning algorithm for single-phase Z-source inverters
      Three-phase AC/DC power-flow for balanced/unbalanced microgrids including wind/solar, droop-controlled and electronically-coupled distributed energy resources using radial basis function neural networks
      Distributed control of multi-time scale DC microgrid based on ADRC
      Parallel structure general repetitive controller for general grid-connected PWM converters
      High-accuracy multi-rate implementation of resonant integrator using FPGA
      Precise current sharing control for multi-channel LED driver based on switch-controlled capacitor
      Modelling, simulation and experimental investigation of a new two input, series-parallel switched capacitor converter
      Three-phase soft-switching-based interleaved boost converter with high reliability
      Mitigation of destabilising effect of CPLs in island DC micro-grid using non-linear control
      Modified LLC resonant converter with secondary paralleled bidirectional switch for applications with hold-up time requirement
      ZCS-PWM interleaved boost converter using resonance-clamp auxiliary circuit

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