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IET Power Electronics

Volume 10, Issue 2, 10 February 2017

Volume 10, Issue 2

10 February 2017

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    • Series Z-source and nine-switch dual-output inverter stage two-stage matrix converter
      Modelling of the modified-LLCL-filter-based single-phase grid-tied Aalborg inverter
      Development of low-cost PV array-fed SRM drive-based water pumping system utilising CSC converter
      Supercapacitor charge redistribution analysis for power management of wireless sensor networks
      Three-phase single-stage grid tied solar PV ECS using PLL-less fast CTF control technique
      Non-invasive load monitoring of induction motor drives using magnetic flux sensors
      Real-time control of hybrid active power filter using conservative power theory in industrial power system
      Torque ripple minimisation of permanent magnet synchronous motor using a new proportional resonant controller
      Decreasing the frequency of HVDC commutation failures caused by harmonics
      Reference Disposition Modulation Method for non-ideal Dual Z-Source Neutral-Point-Clamped Inverter
      Design and analysis of an LCL circuit-based three-phase grid-connected inverter
      Single-switch high step-up converter based on coupled inductor and switched capacitor techniques with quasi-resonant operation
      ZVT-PWM DC–DC boost converter with active snubber cell
      Modified hybrid modulation scheme with even switch thermal distribution for H-bridge hybrid cascaded inverters

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