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IET Power Electronics

Volume 10, Issue 15, 15 December 2017

Volume 10, Issue 15

15 December 2017

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    • Non-isolated high step-up DC/DC converter based on a high degrees of freedom voltage gain cell
      General topology for asymmetrical multilevel inverter with reduced number of switches
      Quadratic boost derived hybrid multi-output converter
      Lyapunov-based high-performance controller for modular resonant DC/DC converters for medium-voltage DC grids
      Asymptotically stable controller for SSTs based on Lyapunov direct stability method
      Segmented power distribution control system based on hybrid cascaded multilevel converter with parts of energy storage
      Development process and analytical method of the pole-to-pole DC fault in the MMC-MVDC system
      Operation and control design of an input-series–input-parallel–output-series conversion scheme for offshore DC wind systems
      Review on DC collection grids for offshore wind farms with high-voltage DC transmission system
      Releasing more capacity for EV integration by DC medium voltage distribution lines
      Novel four-quadrant variable impedance and its application
      Turn-off analysis of FS-IGBTs based on a simplified analytical model
      Insulated power supply for gate drivers up to 40 kV for medium-voltage direct current applications
      Design optimisation of self-powered gate driver for ultra-fast DC solid-state circuit breakers using SiC JFETs
      Optimisation design of medium frequency transformer for the offshore dc grid based on multi-objective genetic algorithm
    • Design and improvement of a soft switching high step-up boost converter with voltage multiplier
      MHz zero-voltage-switched isolated resonant converter for wide-output-voltage application
      Reduced-switch SCALDO: an extra low-frequency DC–DC converter technique for VRM applications
      Study on a switching-pattern hysteresis current control method based on zero voltage vector used in three-phase PWM converter
      Accelerated switching function model of hybrid MMCs for HVDC system simulation
      Isolated bidirectional converter with minimum active switches for high-voltage ratio achievement and micro-grid applications
      Multi-tasking dc–dc and dc–ac converters for dc voltage tapping and power control in highly meshed multi-terminal HVDC networks
      Closed-loop control of the grid-connected Z-source inverter using hyper-plane MIMO sliding mode
      Capacitor voltage balancing and current control method of modular multilevel converter based on generalised averaging approach
      Developing new lifetime prolongation SVM algorithm for multilevel inverters with thermally aged power devices

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