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IET Power Electronics

Volume 10, Issue 13, 27 October 2017

Volume 10, Issue 13

27 October 2017

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    • Analysis for step-size optimisation on MPPT algorithm for photovoltaic systems
      Modified high voltage gain switched boost inverter
      Single coupled-inductor dual output soft-switching DC–DC converters with improved cross-regulation and reduced components
      Soft-switching DC–DC Cuk converter operating in discontinuous-capacitor-voltage mode
      Extending the power transfer capability of a three-port DC–DC converter for hybrid energy storage systems
      Asymmetric-double-sided modulation for fast load transition in a semi-dual-active-bridge converter
      Triple droop control method for ac microgrids
      Direct digital design of a sliding mode-based control of a PWM synchronous buck converter
      A grid-tied power conversion interface with a five-level inverter
      Full soft-switching high step-up DC–DC converter based on active resonant cell
      Buck Inverter without Shoot through
      Maximum power point tracking for the permanent magnet synchronous generator-based WECS by using the discrete-time integral sliding mode controller with a chattering-free reaching law
      Nine-switch ac/ac current source converter for microgrid application with model predictive control
      Transformer-less dynamic voltage restorer based on buck-boost converter
      Avoiding instabilities in power electronic systems: toward an on-chip implementation

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