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IET Power Electronics

Volume 10, Issue 12, 06 October 2017

Volume 10, Issue 12

06 October 2017

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    • Design and analysis of a novel SEPIC-based multi-input DC/DC converter
    • New improved three-phase hybrid multilevel inverter with reduced number of components
      Control of solar photovoltaic integrated UPQC operating in polluted utility conditions
      Single-stage soft-switched PWM flyback power factor correction with reduced dead angle
      Torque ripple elimination based on inverter voltage drop compensation for a three-phase four-switch inverter-fed PMSM drive under low speeds
      Dead-beat predictive direct power control of voltage source inverters with optimised switching patterns
      Comparative study of multicore planar transformers on printed circuit boards
      Design considerations for high-power converters interfacing 10 MW superconducting wind power generators
      Cascaded multilevel inverter based on symmetric–asymmetric DC sources with reduced number of components
      Speed synchronism of permanent magnet synchronous motor with dual contra-rotating rotors under load variation
      Fast voltage detection method for grid-tied renewable energy generation systems under distorted grid voltage conditions
      Improved method to calculate the high-frequency eddy currents distribution and loss in windings composed of round conductors
      Hybrid modulation strategy for eliminating low-frequency NP voltage oscillations in NPC using redistribution of NTV duty ratios
      Steady-state analysis of high-voltage gain multiple series Z-source inverter
      Generalised neural network-based control algorithm for DSTATCOM in distribution systems
      Design and implementation of PFC Cuk converter fed SRM drive
      Sensorless speed estimation of permanent magnet DC brushed motor considering the effect of armature teeth–slots and commutation
      High step-up high step-down bidirectional DC/DC converter
      Hybrid converter topology for reducing torque ripple of BLDC motor
      Design of auto frequency tuning capacitive power transfer system based on class-E2 dc/dc converter
      Model following average-current-mode control with 1/∛s compensator for interleaved boost converters with improved dynamic response
      Reverse voltage generating circuit for rapid commutation of output current polarity in variable polarity arc welding power supply
      i cos ϕ control strategy for DSTATCOM" >NBP-based control strategy for DSTATCOM
      Single-phase ac–dc–ac topology for grid overvoltage and voltage harmonic mitigation
      Optimal space vector pulse width modulation strategy of neutral point clamped three-level inverter for output current ripple reduction

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