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IET Power Electronics

Volume 10, Issue 11, 09 September 2017

Volume 10, Issue 11

09 September 2017

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    • Analysis and implementation of high-gain non-isolated DC–DC boost converter
      Soft-switching operation of the dual-interleaved boost converter over all duty ratios
      Energy harvesting and wireless data transmission system for rotor instrumentation in electrical machines
      Impact of wind conditions on thermal loading of PMSG wind turbine power converters
      Grid impedance estimation for islanding detection and adaptive control of converters
      Electric vehicle battery parameter identification and SOC observability analysis: NiMH and Li-S case studies
    • Current limiting soft starter for three phase induction motor drive system using PWM AC chopper
      Discrete modelling and state-mutation analysis for sliding mode controlled non-isolated grid-connected inverter with H6-type
      New bidirectional multilevel inverter topology with staircase cascading for symmetric and asymmetric structures
      Design of LCL-filter considering the control impact for grid-connected inverter with one current feedback only
      Voltage regulation of the Y-source boost DC–DC converter considering effects of leakage inductances based on cascaded sliding-mode control
      Analysis and implement of the single-phase voltage-controlled grid-connected inverter
      Analysis and design of a soft-switching boost DC/DC converter
      Linear open circuit voltage-variable step-size-incremental conductance strategy-based hybrid MPPT controller for remote power applications
      Symmetric hybridised design for a novel step-up 19-level inverter

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