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IET Power Electronics

Volume 10, Issue 1, 20 January 2017

Volume 10, Issue 1

20 January 2017

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    • Hybrid control of the dc–dc SRC operating below resonance
      Reduced switch count pulse width modulated multilevel inverter
      Particle swarm optimisation-based modified SHE method for cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverters
      Switching strategy for isolated dual-active-bridge converter
      Single-stage electrolytic capacitor less non-inverting buck-boost PFC based AC–DC ripple free LED driver
      Plug-in repetitive control of single-phase grid-connected inverter for AC module applications
      Fault-tolerant structure for cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverter and reliability evaluation
      Modulation and control of multilevel inverter for an open-end winding induction motor with constant voltage levels and harmonics
      Scalable multi-port active-bridge converters: modelling and optimised control
      Dual-mode LQR-feedforward optimal control for non-minimum phase boost converter
      Single-stage QR AC–DC converter based on buck–boost and flyback circuits
      Seven-level cascade inverter with asymmetrical DC voltages
      Non-isolated high-step-up soft switching DC/DC converter with low-voltage stress
      Kind of high step-up dc/dc converter using a novel voltage multiplier cell
      Extendible load-isolation wireless charging platform for multi-receiver applications

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