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IET Optoelectronics

Volume 6, Issue 1, February 2012

Volume 6, Issue 1

February 2012

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    • Distribution of the sum of K-distributed random variables and applications in free-space optical communications
      Simultaneous measurement of thickness and refractive index by a single-channel self-mixing interferometer
      Performance analysis of AND gates based on four-wave-mixing for application in optical-code division multiple access systems
      Improved bit error rate evaluation for optically pre-amplified free-space optical communication systems in turbulent atmosphere
      Switch-and-stay and switch-and-examine dual diversity for high-speed free-space optics links
      Analysis of coherent optical filter and correlator systems using pixellated spatial light modulators
      Effect of junction temperature oscillation on output characteristics of a light-emitting diode under pulse-width and pulse-frequency modulation driving modes
      Effect of doping profile on the output power of broadly tuneable InGaAsP/InP asymmetric multiple quantum well lasers: finite element method simulations and experimental results
      Performance evaluation of optically preamplified digital pulse position modulation turbulent free-space optical communication systems

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