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Volume 13, Issue 3, June 2019

Volume 13, Issue 3

June 2019

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    • Active waveband selective switches based on guided-mode resonance for telecommunications
      Observation of flattened power spectrum of chaotic semiconductor laser using an optical filter
      Influence of light source on the strain sensitivity of a polarisation maintaining fibre loop mirror based on voltage demodulation
      Effect of Cu doping and swift heavy ion irradiation on PbS quantum dots and their applications in solar cells
      Tricore photonic crystal fibre based refractive index sensor for glucose detection
      Chaos-based physical-layer encryption for OFDM-based VLC schemes with robustness against known/chosen plaintext attacks
      Tuning optical properties of metasurface via piezoelectric effect
      Ultra-fast and compact all-optical half adder using 2D photonic crystals
    • Low-cost InP–InGaAs PIN–HBT-based OEIC for up to 20 Gb/s optical communication systems

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