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IET Optoelectronics

Volume 11, Issue 6, December 2017

Volume 11, Issue 6

December 2017

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    • Cyclic prefix-aided linear trajectory search for phase-noise mitigation in coherent optical-OFDM systems
      Investigation of an optically induced superstrate plasma for tuning microstrip antennas
      Simple and robust ternary pulse-encoding and reconstruction of narrowband RF signals over low-cost fibre-optic links
      Distribution of reflection spectrum for the photonic-crystal structure of Morpho butterfly wing under oblique incidence
      A novel use of etched multi-mode fibre as magnetic field sensor
      FSO communication with EGC diversity receiver over double generalised gamma turbulence channel
      LED non-linearity mitigation techniques for optical OFDM-based visible light communications
      Design of a single-mode photonic crystal fibre with ultra-low material loss and large effective mode area in THz regime
      High-bit-rate SOA-based optical network unit with low seeding power that uses feedback seeding scheme
      New double V-groove plasmonic waveguide for electro-optic modulator

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