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IET Networks

Volume 7, Issue 4, July 2018

Volume 7, Issue 4

July 2018

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    • Performance improvement of FSO system using multi-pulse pulse position modulation and SIMO under atmospheric turbulence conditions and with pointing errors
      Multi-stage resource allocation in hybrid 25G-EPON and LTE-Advanced Pro FiWi networks for 5G systems
      eM-SON: efficient multimedia service over self-organising Wi-Fi network
      Cognitive radio-enabled Internet of Vehicles: a cooperative spectrum sensing and allocation for vehicular communication
      Reliable and enhanced cooperative cross-layer medium access control scheme for vehicular communication
      Efficient modelling of IEEE 802.11p MAC output process for V2X interworking enhancement
      Performance improvement of pilot-assisted power allocation in vehicular small cells with preprocessing under measurement errors
      Minimising the impact of IPv6 neighbour discovery messages on energy consumption in small objects networks
      Call blocking probabilities in a two-link multirate loss system for Poisson traffic
      Performance modelling of a multirate loss system with batched Poisson arrivals under a probabilistic threshold policy
    • Comparative study of congestion notification techniques for hop-by-hop-based flow control in data centre Ethernet
    • Low energy aware communication process in IoT using the green computing approach
      Energy-efficient clustering algorithm for structured wireless sensor networks
      RDClass: on using relative distance of keywords for accurate network traffic classification

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