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IET Networks

Volume 1, Issue 3, September 2012

Volume 1, Issue 3

September 2012

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    • Capacity study of multiuser cooperative networks with fixed-gain relays
      Multi-index evaluation algorithm based on principal component analysis for node importance in complex networks
      Pricing-based spectrum leasing in cognitive radio networks
      Energy consumption of geographic routing with realistic localisation
      Peer-to-peer-like telematics service discovery using the distributed-region-server-based approach
      Statistical performance analysis of strict priority and generalised processor sharing two-stage scheduling system under exponentially bounded burstiness input model
      Optimal routing by hose model with bound of link traffic
      Reach-and-Spread: A historical geographic routing for delay/disruption tolerant networks
      TCP with hop-oriented network coding in multi-radio multi-channel wireless mesh networks
      Mixed-signal transmitter chip with digital bridge and analogue front-end for XDSL in home networks

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