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Nanodielectrics are materials containing nanostructures that modulate or otherwise affect their dielectric properties. IET Nanodielectrics is a fully gold Open Access journal, encompassing the full scope of research in these advanced materials, including (but not limited to):

    (1) Fundamental properties of dielectric advanced materials:

  • Nano-structures in solid-state and liquid dielectric materials, including: clusters, layered materials, coatings and nanophases
  • Chemistry and physics of dielectric materials
  • Dielectric surfaces
  • Interfaces between dielectric materials and between dielectric and non-dielectric materials
  • Composition, structure and properties of nanodielectrics e.g. , polymer nanocomposites, epoxy micro-composites, ionic and covalent solid-state materials, ceramics, dendrimers and monolayer surfactants

    (2) Analysis of dielectric properties:

  • Design and preparation of dielectric phases of all types of materials
  • Measurements of dielectric material properties
  • Simulations of dielectric phenomena

    (3) Applications of advanced dielectric materials:

  • High voltage electrical insulation
  • High density energy storage capacitors and capacitors formed with nano-structured electrode plates
  • Devices formed of electronic ceramics and dielectric polymers
  • Electroactive polymer devices
  • Functional films
  • Devices exploiting nanostructured piezoelectric materials
  • Other uses of advanced dielectric materials, including: electronic skin, wearable electronic clothing and health monitoring

All Article Processing Charges (APCs) are waived for submissions received before the end of 2020.

IET Nanodielectrics now accepts Short Communication articles for the rapid dissemination of original and high impact peer-reviewed research! Find out more here.

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