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A fully gold Open Access journal, IET Nanodielectrics, aims to attract original research papers and surveys relating to the effects of nanoscale structure and interfacial characteristics on the electrical polarisation of advanced dielectric materials. A particular focus is on state-of-the-art multidisciplinary research, which encompasses a range of fields, including; new energies, bioscience, biomedical engineering, artificial intelligence, electronic skin, wearable electronic clothing, internet-of-things and electrical insulation of the future. 

All Article Processing Charges (APCs) will be waived in 2019.  

Topics of interests include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

(1)   Fundamentals of advanced nanodielectrics

·         Nanoeffects and interfacial characteristics of dielectrics

·         Chemistry and physics of dielectrics

·         Composition, structure and properties of nanodielectrics

·         Preparation and processing of nanodielectrics

·         Mechanism analysis of nanodielectric properties

·         Nano-structures of surfaces and interfaces for dielectric applications

·         Testing methods and theories for nanoscale dielectric behaviour

·         Nanostructures of electroactive polymers

(2)  Sciences of advanced nanodielectrics

·         Design and preparation of organic, inorganic and liquid nanodielectrics

·         Structure and properties of nanodielectrics under high/low voltage electric fields

·         Simulations of advanced nanodielectrics

·         Nanodielectrics in biological and biomedical engineering

(3)  Applications of advanced nanodielectrics

·         High-density energy storage capacitors

·         Devices formed of electronic ceramics and polymer dielectrics

·         Electroactive polymer devices

·         High voltage electrical insulation

·         Potential applications in biomedical engineering, artificial intelligence, electronic skin, 

          wearable electronic clothing and internet-of-things

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