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Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Microwave circuits including RF, microwave and millimetre-wave amplifiers, oscillators, switches, mixers and other components implemented in monolithic, hybrid, multi-chip module and other technologies. Papers on passive components may describe transmission-line and waveguide components, including filters, multiplexers, resonators, ferrite and garnet devices. For applications, papers can describe microwave sub-systems for use in communications, radar, aerospace, instrumentation, industrial and medical applications. Microwave linear and non-linear measurement techniques.
  • Antenna topics including designed and prototyped antennas for operation at all frequencies; multiband antennas, antenna measurement techniques and systems, antenna analysis and design, aperture antenna arrays, adaptive antennas, printed and wire antennas, microstrip, reconfigurable, conformal and integrated antennas.
  • Computational electromagnetics and synthesis of antenna structures including phased arrays and antenna design algorithms.
  • Radiowave propagation at all frequencies and environments.

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