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  • Use of FrFT in an indoor scenario for chipless RFID tags ID recovery
  • Experimentally validated smart card ultra-high frequency tag antenna for free space and near body scenarios
  • Tripole type wideband bandpass frequency selective surface for X-band applications
  • Planar hexagonal broadband near-field antenna for UHF RFID application
  • Synthesis of open structures starting from closed-cross-section waveguide devices
  • Broadband polarisation-independent metasurface electromagnetic energy harvester with high capture efficiency
  • Design of tunable microstrip diplexer with reconfigurable filtering characteristics based on dual-mode square loop resonators
  • Analysis and design of a new low-phase noise and Gm-enhanced class-C quadrature VCO
  • Hybrid absorber with carbon black composite and metamaterial structure
  • Gain characteristics estimation of heteromorphic RFID antennas using neuro-space mapping
  • Dielectric lens with stacked cone-shaped cavity for broadside radiation enhancement of circularly polarised patch antenna
  • Transparent metamaterial absorber with broadband radar cross-section (RCS) reduction for solar arrays
  • Time-modulated sparse linear array synthesis with minimum elements and a specific sidelobe
  • Research on evaporation duct height prediction based on back propagation neural network
  • Ultraminiaturised Polarisation Selective Surface (PSS) for dual-band Wi-Fi and WLAN shielding applications
  • Efficient estimation of EMI from stacked radiation sources by combining their spherical wave expansion coefficients
  • New technique for shaping axisymmetric dual-reflector antennas using conic sections to control aperture illumination
  • Wideband transition from substrate integrated waveguide to rectangular waveguide in K-band by width profiling
  • Restoration of antenna performance in the vicinity of metallic cylinder in implantable scenario
  • Gain-improved VHF broadband whip antenna loaded with radiation blades
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