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Volume 14, Issue 4, 25 March 2020

Volume 14, Issue 4

25 March 2020

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    • Cosec2 hybrid travelling/resonant antenna for maritime surveillance applications
      Effective approach to generate electrically large rough surfaces and the application to EM scattering problems
      Higher mode-based wideband antenna design using an engineered cylindrical dielectric resonator
      Bilinear Z-transform perfectly matched layer for rotational symmetric microwave structures with magnetised ferrite
      Design of balanced-to-balanced filtering power divider with arbitrary power division ratio based on circular patch resonator
      Truncated singular value decomposition for through-the-wall microwave imaging application
      Power-efficient full-duplex K/Ka-band phased array front-end
      Compact customisable bandstop-bandpass-bandstop cascaded filter based on substrate integrated waveguide coax cavities
      Miniaturised wideband ingestible antenna for wireless capsule endoscopy
      TSV-based antenna for on-chip wireless communication
      Miniaturised millimetre-wave BPF with broad stopband suppression in silicon–germanium technology
      Far-field cancellation of cross-polarisation based on mirroring subarrays of densely arranged PDM apertures
      Hybrid parallelisation scheme for the application of distributed near-field sparse approximate inverse preconditioners on high-performance computing clusters
      Broadband body-worn antenna using a top-loaded pyramidal radiator
      Building entry loss and capacity evaluation of a UAV-to-indoor dual-polarised MIMO channel

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