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IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation

Volume 14, Issue 10, 12 August 2020

Volume 14, Issue 10

12 August 2020

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    • Joint estimation of DOA and polarisation for radar signals based on dual-polarised antenna array
      Convergence and accuracy of near-field-corrected iterative physical optics for scattering by imperfectly conducting and dielectric objects
      Analysis of a rectangular waveguide transverse slot using MoM and image method
      Time-domain signal and noise analysis of millimetre-wave/THz diodes by numerical solution of stochastic telegrapher's equations
      Highly efficient wideband parallel-circuit class-E/F3 power amplifier's design methodology
      Mode excitation and radiation characteristics of antennas in cylindrically stratified media
      Multi-layered substrate integrated waveguide waffle-iron filters
      W-band flat lens antenna with compact size and broadband performance
      Dual-output quasi-Yagi antenna for out-of-band RF energy harvesting
      High CM suppression balanced SIW BPF and HMSIW directional coupler utilising perfect electric conductor/perfect magnetic conductor characteristic
      Compact CPW-fed circular patch flexible antenna for super-wideband applications
      Filtering Doherty power amplifier
      Compact UWB-to-C band reconfigurable filtenna based on elliptical monopole antenna integrated with bandpass filter for cognitive radio systems
      Novel planar quasi-TEM transmission line with high isolation and its application to T-junction power divider
      Fully planar slow-wave substrate integrated waveguide based on broadside-coupled complementary split ring resonators for mmWave and 5G components
      Efficient analysis method and design approach for broadband reflect-arrays with isotropic/artificial anisotropic substrates
      Bistatic scattering at soft–hard strips and plates: method of moments (MoM), theory of edge diffraction (TED), and physical theory of diffraction (PTD) analysis
      Canonical synthesis of transversal bandpass filters
      Differential SIW slot antenna array with intrinsic common-mode rejection
      Simple ladder-like single-layer balanced wideband phase shifter with wide phase shift range and appropriate common-mode suppression

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