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IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation

Volume 13, Issue 8, 03 July 2019

Volume 13, Issue 8

03 July 2019

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    • Channel characterisation in rural railway environment at 28 GHz
      Experimental characterisation and modelling of intra-car communications inside high-speed trains
      Investigating the effect of handoff algorithms on the performance of CBTC systems using physics-based propagation models
      Traffic model of machine-type communication for railway signal equipment based on MMPP
      Random forests-enabled context detections for long-term evolution network for railway
      Iterative greedy user clustering algorithm for D2D–relay in vehicular communication systems
      Carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance-aware connectivity quality of downlink broadcast in vehicular relay networks
      3D non-stationary geometry-based multi-input multi-output channel model for UAV-ground communication systems
      Machine-learning-based prediction methods for path loss and delay spread in air-to-ground millimetre-wave channels
    • Design of mechanically rotatable microstrip patch antennas using an asymmetric polariser for adaptive polarisation adjustment
      Beam-scanning leaky-wave antenna based on CRLH-metamaterial for millimetre-wave applications
      Minimising number of perturbed elements in linear and planar adaptive arrays with broad nulls using compressed sensing approach
      Compact broadband frequency selective microstrip antenna and its application to indoor positioning systems for wireless networks
      Effective electrical parameters evaluation for non-dispersive metamaterials with highly interaction fields
      Investigation on non-linear aspects of pattern reconfigurable hexagon shaped planar loop antenna
      Higher order lumped element absorptive low-pass and bandpass filter structures
      Tunable waveguide-to-microstrip transition for W-band antenna
      Ultra-wideband printed ridge gap waveguide hybrid directional coupler for millimetre wave applications
      Theory and design of phase-inverted balanced coupled-line DC-blocker
      Enhanced gain and miniaturisation method of stacked dielectric resonator antenna using metallic cap
      TM 11 to HE 11 mode converter in overmoded circular corrugated waveguide
      Modified CORPS beamforming network with null-steering capability
      Wideband dual-band dual-polarised antenna with less layer radiating patch
      New thin wide-band bracelet-like antenna with low SAR for on-arm WBAN applications
      Harmonic-tuned continuum mode active load modulation output combiner for the design of broadband asymmetric Doherty power amplifiers
      Design of slot array antenna in groove Gap waveguide technology
      Dynamic niche artificial bee colony algorithm for output control of MCR-WPT system
      Compact near zero index metasurface lens with high aperture efficiency for antenna radiation characteristic enhancement
      Design rule development for frequency-coded chipless radiofrequency identification with high capacity

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