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IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation

Volume 13, Issue 5, 17 April 2019

Volume 13, Issue 5

17 April 2019

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    • Wideband RCS reduction using three different implementations of AMC structures
      Combined L–S-bands antenna module
      Optimum design of double ridge horn antennas with general cross-section
      Design of miniaturised frequency selective rasorber using parallel LC resonators
      SIW bandpass filters in modified box-section scheme with bypass/constant/frequency-dependent coupling in diagonal cross-coupling path
      Through-line method for transmission/reflection estimation of N-way multiport power-combining network
      Ultra-wideband high-gain dipole antenna evolved from hexagonal Sierpinski grid fractal gasket
      Bandwidth enhanced dual-band patch-coupling microstrip antenna with omnidirectional CP and unidirectional CP characteristics
      Tunable channelised bandstop passive filter using reconfigurable phase shifter
      DSS modulator using the SIDO dc−dc converter for the CMOS RF PA integrated circuit
      Fast surrogate-assisted frequency scaling of planar antennas with circular polarisation
      Wideband circular patch antenna with I-shaped structure for horizontal omnidirectional gain enhancement
      Ionospheric tomography for the study of relative X- and O-mode power over low- and mid-latitude ionosphere
      Wideband internal dipole–loop antenna with switchable and tunable frequency operation for ultra-high-definition television
      Performance enhancement and signal integrity analysis of multiband MIMO antenna for handheld electronic devices
      Stable-multiband frequency reconfigurable antenna with improved radiation efficiency and increased number of multiband operations
      Non-circularity coefficient estimation of the SOI for narrowband widely linear beamforming
      60 GHz square open-loop resonator (SOLR) based on planar Goubau line (PGL) technology
      WCIP method for multiple-loop antennas around a spherical media
      Design of compact quad-band bandpass filter with good selectivity using two-/tri-section SIRs and stepped impedance inverters
      New design of UWB-MIMO antenna with enhanced isolation and dual-band rejection for WiMAX and WLAN systems
      Compact cross-coupled filters based on isosceles right triangular and equilateral triangular SIW cavities

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