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IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation

Volume 13, Issue 11, 11 September 2019

Volume 13, Issue 11

11 September 2019

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    • Efficient numerical analysis of finite FSS with multilayered media by MLACA
      Miniaturised frequency selective surface based on fractal arrays with square slots for enhanced bandwidth
      Low loss and high fabrication tolerant phase shifters using signal interference technique
      Alignment- and metallic-obstacle-insensitive contactless power transmission system utilizing surface-guided mode
      Graphene-based low side-lobe microwave horn antenna
      Improved performance millimetre-wave antenna array by using artificial materials
      Local property study for arbitrary polarised OAM beam
      Multimode resonator-assisted dual band notch UWB antenna with additional bluetooth resonance characteristics
      Highly efficient broadband class-J power amplifier using modified multisection quarter-wave lines and short-circuited stubs
      Bracketed stub loaded single layer rectangular microstrip antenna: A novel approach for modulation of magnetic field locus to achieve improved matching, and low cross polarisation
      Stabilised blind interference suppression of constant modulus-based adaptive array over Rayleigh fading channels by initial antenna selection
      Practical application of small antennas in hardware platforms
      Parametric model for microwave filter by using multiple hidden layer output matrix extreme learning machine
      Efficient spherical near-field antenna measurement using CS method with sparsity estimation
      Transient analysis of finite multi-conductor transmission line metamaterials (MTL-MMs) based on discrete green's function (DGF) and macro-modelling techniques
      Wide-stopband and high selectivity step impedance resonator bandpass filter using T-network and antiparallel coupled line
      Bandwidth-size design trade-offs for compact spline-parameterised patch couplers by means of electromagnetic-driven multi-objective optimisation
      Resistively loaded ultra-thin FSS absorbers for radio-frequency enhancement of spacecraft thermal blankets
      Dielectric and metallic jointly 3D-printed mmWave hyperbolic lens antenna
      Fast non-convex compressed sensing approach for diagnosis of defective array elements using planar near-field measurements
      Miniaturised low-profile super-wideband Koch snowflake fractal monopole slot antenna with improved BW and stabilised radiation pattern

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