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IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation

Volume 12, Issue 7, 13 June 2018

Volume 12, Issue 7

13 June 2018

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    • Modelling cascaded cylindrical metasurfaces using sheet impedances and a transmission matrix formulation
      SIW slot antenna for passive measurement of thermal anomalies in biological tissues
      Miniaturisation of printed slot antennas using artificial magnetic conductors
      Non-linear characteristics of an optically reconfigurable microwave switch
      Advanced multilayer thick-film technology and TFMS, CPW, and SIW up to 180 GHz for cost-effective ceramic-based circuits and modules
      PVT compensated high selectivity low-power balun LNA for MedRadio communication
      Miniaturised planar-patch antenna based on metamaterial L-shaped unit-cells for broadband portable microwave devices and multiband wireless communication systems
      DC ground compact wideband omnidirectional vertically polarised slot loop antenna for 4G long-term evolution applications
      Simulation-driven size-reduction-oriented design of multi-band antennas by means of response features
      Efficient model based on genetic programming and spline functions to find modes of unconventional waveguides
      Frequency-selective polarisation antenna based on simple rotational symmetric printed bow-tie dipole structure
      Coplanar waveguide-fed rose-curve shape UWB monopole antenna with dual-notch characteristics
      Triple-band polarisation-independent metamaterial absorber at mm wave frequency band
      Compact four bands hybrid filtering antenna using step impedance resonators and tuning stub transition structures
      Optimisation analysis of coil configuration and circuit model for asymmetric wireless power transfer system
      Compact planar array antenna with electrically beam steering from backfire to endfire based on liquid crystal
      FS electromagnetic characterisation of a flexible and scalable X-band RAM
      Shared radiator MIMO antenna for broadband applications
      Highly squinted SAR imaging simulation of ship-ocean scene based on EM scattering mechanism
      Properties of multisection transdirectional coupled-line couplers
      Implementation of UWB BPF with modularised design based on SQR and DCR
      Comparative analysis of personal exposure levels induced by long-term evolution 1800 Re-farming and other RF sources in an urban environment
      Low-profile circularly polarised patch antenna with high gain and conical beam
      Steerable miniaturised printed quadrifilar helical array antenna using digital phase shifters for BGAN/GPS applications
      Expedited EM-driven generation of Pareto-optimal trade-off curves for variable-turn on-chip inductors
      Design of a tuneable and broadband absorber using a switchable transmissive/reflective FSS
      Miniaturisation design of patch antenna using a low-profile mushroom type meta-substrate tailored with high permittivity
      Wideband printed monopole antenna for application in wireless communication systems
      Pulse-preserving characteristics and effective isotropically radiated power spectra of a new ultrawideband dielectric resonator antenna
      Compact planar quasi-Yagi antenna with band-notched characteristic for WLAN and DSRC for ultra-wideband applications

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