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IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation

Volume 12, Issue 4, 28 March 2018

Volume 12, Issue 4

28 March 2018

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    • Compact satellite antenna module for GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou and SDARS in automotive application
      Dual-band platform-mounted HF/VHF antenna design using the characteristic mode theory
      Overcoming the Chu lower bound on antenna Q with highly dispersive lossy material
      Graphene oxide-based radiofrequency identification wearable sensor for breath monitoring
      Stable marching-on-in-time algorithm capable of handling multiple excitations – application to wire junction problems
      Cross-polarisation discrimination models assessment and improvement on earth-space propagation paths at Ka and V-bands
      Direct train-to-train communications at low UHF frequencies
      Path loss models for train-to-train communications in typical high speed railway environments
      Scenario modules, ray-tracing simulations and analysis of millimetre wave and terahertz channels for smart rail mobility
      Measurement-based analysis of specular and dense multipath components at 94 GHz in an indoor environment
      Influence of system aspects on fading at mm-waves
      Characterising THz propagation and intrabody thermal absorption in iWNSNs
      Compressive sensing unmixing algorithm for breast cancer detection
      Examination of the effectiveness of FF MARS in a CATR through electromagnetic simulation
      Application of the TSWE algorithm to echo reduction of under-sampled offset spherical near-field measurements
      Evaluation of array antenna systems for global navigation satellite system applications using wave-field synthesis in an over-the-air laboratory
    • Method of moments analysis of arrays of cylindrical microstrip antennas with superstrate
      High-directivity microstrip antenna with Mandelbrot fractal boundary
      Research and verification for an improved two-way parabolic equation method in obstacle environment
      Dual-frequency microstrip antenna at S and X bands with higher-order mode suppression technique
      Quad band electric field-driven LC resonator-based polarisation-insensitive metamaterial absorber
      High dynamic range, low power, tunable, active filter for RF and microwave wireless applications
      Optimisation of reflection coefficient of microstrip antennas based on KBNN exploiting GPR model
      Wideband dual-polarised SAW spiral antenna for monopulse system
      SIW-tapered slot antenna for broadband MIMO applications
      High power seven-port microwave duplexer for monopulse radar tracking applications based on amplitude discriminator
      Optimal design of antenna array for multiple targets microwave power transmission with precise power division ratio control
      Crumpling effects and specific absorption rates of flexible AMC integrated antennas
      Highly compact size serpentine-shaped multiple-input–multiple-output fractal antenna with CP diversity
      Electrically small naturally circularly polarised antenna

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