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IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation

Volume 12, Issue 14, 28 November 2018

Volume 12, Issue 14

28 November 2018

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    • Dual-feed CSRR-loaded switchable multiband microstrip patch antenna for ITS applications
      Axially displaced elliptical reflector antenna design with a switchable feeder for ultra-wide band applications
      Microwave vortex beam launcher design
      Design of passive UHF RFID sensor on flexible foil for sports balls pressure monitoring
      Equilateral triangular dielectric resonator based co-radiator MIMO antennas with dual-polarisation
      Polarisation independent chipless RFID tag based on circular arrangement of dual-spiral capacitively-loaded dipoles with robust RCS response
      Microstrip-line-fed elliptical wide-slot antenna with similar parasitic patch for multiband applications
      Fast implementation of characteristic mode tracking
      Internal UHF antenna for partial discharge detection in GIS
      Integrated passive device fabricated and chip-on-board packaged filter employing mixed electric–magnetic coupling scheme
      Far-field boundary estimation for the high-power UWB pulsed antennas
      3D MIMO imaging architecture for walk through personnel security screening
      Circularly polarised patch array antenna based on reactive impedance surface
      Compact fractal antenna circularly polarised radiation for Wi-Fi and WiMAX communications
      Compact tunable low-pass to CFBW bandpass switchable filter using concentric resonators
      Electric field distribution and SAR inside a human eye exposed to VR glasses
      Study on isolation improvement between closely-packed patch antenna arrays based on fractal metamaterial electromagnetic bandgap structures
      Frequency reconfigurable patch antenna with bias tee for wireless LAN applications
      Dual-band ridged tapered waveguide slot array antenna with cross-polarisation reduction
      Two-element printed PIFA-MIMO antenna system for WiMAX and WLAN applications

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