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IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation

Volume 12, Issue 12, 03 October 2018

Volume 12, Issue 12

03 October 2018

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    • Efficient unitary matrix pencil method for synthesising wideband frequency patterns of sparse linear arrays
      UHF RFID system for wirelessly detection of corrosion based on resonance frequency shift in forward interrogation power
      Miniaturised artificial magnetic conductor and its application in unidirectional circularly polarised slot antenna design
      Aharonov–Bohm-inspired tomographic imaging via compressive sensing
      Design of ultra-compact UWB antenna with band-notched characteristics for MIMO applications
      Computational study on focused microwave thermotherapy for knee pathological treatment
      Synthesis of unequally spaced linear arrays using modified differential evolution algorithm
      Compact microstrip dual-band bandpass filter and quad-channel diplexer based on quint-mode stub-loaded resonators
      Dual-band CP coplanar waveguide-fed split-ring resonator-loaded G-shaped slot antenna with wide-frequency ratio
      High aperture efficient slot antenna surrounded by the cavity and narrow corrugations at Ka-band and Ku-band
      Wide scan phased array patch antenna with mutual coupling reduction
      Ultrathin design and implementation of planar and conformal polarisation rotating frequency selective surface based on SIW technology
      Pattern synthesis for multi-layered perforated dielectric superstrate loaded patch antenna with equal E/H beamwidth
      Improving radiation performance of extremely truncated RCAs through near-field analysis
      Miniaturisation of switched beam array antenna using phase delay properties of CSRR-loaded transmission line
      Joint optimisation of ground, feed shapes with material distributive topology of patch in UWB antennas using improved binary particle swarm optimisation
      Synthesis of large-scale non-uniformly spaced 4D arrays using an IFT method
      Monopulse array and low side-lobe level array with a novel feed network
      Multilevel delay lock loop approach for wall clutter mitigation in through-the-wall radar imaging
      Impedance matching bandpass filter with a controllable spurious frequency based on λ/2 stepped impedance resonator

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