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IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation

Volume 11, Issue 9, 18 July 2017

Volume 11, Issue 9

18 July 2017

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    • Metamaterial-based patch antenna with wideband RCS reduction and gain enhancement using improved loading method
      Enhancing cross-polarisation discrimination or axial ratio beamwidth of diagonally dual or circularly polarised base station antennas by using vertical parasitic elements
      Mixed surface impedance boundary condition for FDTD simulations
      Indoor-to-outdoor empirical path loss modelling for femtocell networks at 0.9, 2, 2.5 and 3.5 GHz using singular value decomposition
      Reverse recognition of body postures using on-body radio channel characteristics
      Sub-optimal matching method for dual-band class-J power amplifier using real frequency technique
      Depolarisation studies of single trees at 20 GHz
      Ultra-wideband phased array for small satellite communications
      Multi-layer EBG slab waveguide based on open square rings
      Distorted reflector antennas: fast and accurate estimation of the surface distortion profile using a new formula
      Heptaband swastik arm antenna for MIMO applications
      Eighth mode substrate integrated waveguide dual band resonator antennas
      Correlation processing and its use to mitigate the effects of multipath and other interfering signals in antenna ranges
      Time-modulated FDA for physical-layer security
      Broadband slot cut shorted sectoral microstrip antennas
      ANN-based design of a versatile millimetre-wave slotted patch multi-antenna configuration for 5G scenarios
      Extending high-efficiency power range of symmetrical Doherty power amplifiers by taking advantage of peaking stage
      Band pattern of commensurate modulated periodic structures
      Design, realisation and evaluation of a liquid hollow torso phantom appropriate for wearable antenna assessment
      Split quadrilateral miniaturised multiband microstrip patch antenna design for modern communication system

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