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IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation

Volume 11, Issue 7, 02 June 2017

Volume 11, Issue 7

02 June 2017

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    • Distributed power amplifier with novel integration technique of broadband impedance transformer using pseudomorphic HEMT and gallium nitride HEMT
      Complex dielectric permittivity extraction based on multilayer thin film microstrip lines
      Lower bound of the estimation error of an emitter's direction-of-arrival/polarisation, for a collocated triad of orthogonal dipoles/loops that fail randomly
      High-gain low-cost broadband 60 GHz differential integrated patch array antennas with wire-bonding packaging and on-board compensation network
      Compact dual-polarised microstrip patch antenna with high interport isolation for 2.5 GHz in-band full-duplex wireless applications
      C-Band Linearly Polarised Textile-Reflectarray (TRA) Using Conductive Thread
      Application of SRR to achieve performance improvement and multi-band characteristics in aperture antennas
      Ultra-compact dual-polarised UWB MIMO antenna with meandered feeding lines
      Capacitive probe-fed compact dual-band dual-mode dual-polarisation microstrip antenna with broadened bandwidth
      MIMO antennas using controlled orthogonal characteristic modes by metal rims
      Compact design of UHF RFID and NFC antennas for mobile phones
      Dual-band electrically coupled loop antenna for implant applications
      Design of shaped offset cable mesh reflector antennas considering structural flexible property
      Rain attenuation over terrestrial microwave links in South Korea
      On-metal UHF-RFID passive tags based on complementary split-ring resonators
      Wideband CP slot antenna with backed FSS reflector
      Parabolic transformation function-based external cloak with finite and realisable material parameters
      High-performance tight coupling microstrip directional coupler with fragment-type compensated structure
      Finite-difference time-domain implementation of tensor impedance boundary conditions
    • RKADE-ADI FDTD applied to analysis of terahertz wave characteristics of plasma

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