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IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation

Volume 11, Issue 6, 12 May 2017

Volume 11, Issue 6

12 May 2017

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    • Cylindrical near-field assessment of wearable antennas for body-centric communications
      Design and parametric investigation of directional antenna for microwave imaging application
      Systematic approach to sidelobe reduction in linear antenna arrays through corporate-feed-controlled excitation
      Theory, analysis and design of high order reflective, absorptive filters
      Antipodal Vivaldi antenna with improved radiation characteristics for civil engineering applications
      Pedestal substrate integrated waveguide resonators and filters
      Aperture-coupled microstrip patch antenna fed by orthogonal SIW line for millimetre-wave imaging applications
      CRLH structure-based high-impedance surface for performance enhancement of planar antennas
      Generalisation of genetic algorithm and fast Fourier transform for synthesising unequally spaced linear array shaped pattern including coupling effects
      Fading correlation modelling for troposcatter microwave propagation in array antenna detection applications
      Selectable multiband isolation of single pole double throw switch using transmission line stub resonator for WiMAX and LTE applications
      Evaluation of polarisability tensors of arbitrarily shaped highly conducting bodies
      Wideband aperture-coupled antenna array based on Fabry–Perot resonator for C-band applications
      Type of active impulse noise suppressing method based on double-loop antennas in very low frequency/ultra-low frequency coupling communications
      Small antenna design for very compact devices and wearables
      Broadband microstrip-CPW fed circularly polarised slot antenna with inverted configuration for L-band applications
      Wideband non-traveling-wave triple-mode slotline antenna
      Design of a compact dual-polarised slot antenna with enhanced gain
      Antenna pattern in three-dimensional modelling of the arrival angle in simulation studies of wireless channels
      Analysis and design of tapered slot antenna with high gain for ultra-wideband based on optimisation of the metamaterial unit layout
      Quasi-static partial element equivalent circuit models of magneto-dielectric materials
      Small-size reconfigurable antenna for WWAN/LTE/GNSS smartphone applications
      Full-wave analytical explicit expressions for the surface fields of an electrically large horizontal circular loop antenna placed on a layered ground
      Analysis on radiation of antenna mounted on perfectly conducting convex surfaces by using NURBS-UTD method
      Ka-band RF MEMS capacitive switch with low loss, high isolation, long-term reliability and high power handling based on GaAs MMIC technology

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