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IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation

Volume 11, Issue 3, 19 February 2017

Volume 11, Issue 3

19 February 2017

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    • Guest Editorial
      From simulations to measurements: prototyping an antenna for non-linear applications at sub-THz frequencies
      Diced and grounded broadband bow-tie antenna with tuning stub for resonant tunnelling diode terahertz oscillators
      Spinning disk as a spatial light modulator for rapid infrared imaging
      Evaluating residual errors in waveguide VNAs from microwave to submillimetre-wave frequencies
    • Electromagnetic interference of wireless power transfer system on wearable electrocardiogram
      DM using FDA antenna for secure transmission
      Compact circular waveguide TM02-TE11 mode converter
      Compact CHMSIW filters with TZs
      Short- and open-stub loaded spiral resonator and its application in planar microstrip filters
      CPW-fed octagonal super-wideband fractal antenna with defected ground structure
      Fully-tunable filtering power dividers exploiting dynamic transmission-zero allocation
      The ant and the elephant: ambient RF harvesting from the uplink
      Analysis of lossy multiconductor transmission lines and application of a crosstalk cancelling algorithm
      Dual-band, dual-polarised metallic slot transmitarray antenna
      Wideband millimetre-wave CMOS power amplifier using transistor-based inductive source degeneration and specially shielded transformer
      Compact transmit receive hybrid electromagnetic isolation in antenna array transceiver system for full duplex applications
      Various coupling configurations on the performance of two-dimensional coupled oscillator arrays
      Placement-insensitive flexible RFID antenna for ‘peel-and-stick’ applications

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