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IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation

Volume 11, Issue 15, 10 December 2017

Volume 11, Issue 15

10 December 2017

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    • Realisation of carved and iris groove gap waveguide filter and E-plane diplexer for V-band radio link application
      Near-field and far-field shared structure for NFC and CNSS applications
      Switchable all-dielectric frequency selective surface based on dielectric resonators
      Dual crescent-shaped slot antenna fed by circular polarisation into dual orthogonal strip lines
      Transient linear TEM horn array
      Dual-band filter with fully independent passbands based on unequal-length coupled lines and stubs
      Analysis of a thin, penetrable, and non-uniformly loaded cylindrical reflector illuminated by a complex line source
      Dual band high-gain antenna with beam switching capability
      Measurement uncertainty analysis and design of a broadband four-port reflectometer
      Antenna design based on quasi-degenerate characteristic modes of unbroken metal rim
      X-band antenna array for low-cost beam scanning
      Study on the phase factor of phase retrieval algorithm for surface diagnosis of large reflector antennas
      Antenna terminals based on ultra-compact retrodirective antenna arrays
      Compact highly integrated wide-tunable unidirectional dual-band patch antenna for wireless applications
      Wireless resonant energy link for pulse generators implanted in the chest
      Laplace transform current density convolution finite-difference time-domain formulation for the modelling of 1D graphene
      Uniform asymptotic theory for the edge diffraction of cylindrical waves
      Influence of hypersonic turbulence in plasma sheath on synthetic aperture radar imaging
      3D-tapered resonators for FSSs with incident angle independence
      Negative group velocity in resistive lossy left-handed transmission lines
      Filtering patch antenna on λ /4-resonator filtering topology: synthesis design and implementation
      Circularly polarised integrated filtering antenna with polarisation reconfigurability
      Circularly conformal patch array antenna with omnidirectional or electronically switched directive beam
      Performance of site diversity fade mitigation over Earth-to-space propagation link using rain cell measurements in a tropical Nigeria
      Smart two-dimensional material-based time modulated array for RFID applications

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