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IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation

Volume 11, Issue 13, 20 October 2017

Volume 11, Issue 13

20 October 2017

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    • Dual-band and dual-polarized antenna with endfire radiation
      Multiband monopole antenna with minimised ground plane influence for portable devices
      Microstrip antenna array mutual coupling suppression using coupled polarisation transformer
      Planar thinned array design by hybrid analytical-stochastic optimisation
      Radiation pattern optimisation of an antenna array on the spherical surface by using a varying number of optimisation parameters
      Low-cross-polarisation synthesis of conformal antenna arrays using a balanced dynamic differential evolution algorithm
      Wide band circularly polarised diversity antenna for satellite and mobile communication
      Dual-band fan-blade-shaped circularly polarised dielectric resonator antenna
      Characterisation of distortion of narrowband signals by linear time-invariant systems
      Photonic band gap implementation for phase centre controlling in Vivaldi antenna
      Modal analysis and excitation of wideband slot antennas
      Improvement of on-wafer measurement accuracy with RF signal detection technique at millimetre-wave frequencies
      Multiple operating frequency selections for reconfigurable antenna design by SM based optimisation
      Circular directional modulation transmitter array

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