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Volume 11, Issue 11, 08 September 2017

Volume 11, Issue 11

08 September 2017

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    • Transmission performance analysis of circular polarisation frequency selective surface and fast accurate optimisation based on equivalent circuit
      X-band antenna printed on a multilayered substrate
      Augmented combined field integral equation for low frequency scattering analysis
      Optimised 4 × 4 millimetre-wave antenna array with DGS using hybrid ECFO-NM algorithm for 5G mobile networks
      Compact ultrawideband MIMO dielectric resonator antennas with WLAN band rejection
      Second-order sensitivity analysis of electromagnetic performance with respect to surface nodal displacements for reflector antennas and its benefits in integrated structural–electromagnetic optimisation
      Evaluation of chamber effects on antenna efficiency measurements using non-reference antenna methods in two reverberation chambers
      Electrically varactor-tuned bandpass filter with constant bandwidth and self-adaptive transmission zeros
      Phase noise of electrical oscillators due to multi-Lorentzian noise sources based on the LTV model
      Millimetre-wave low-temperature co-fired ceramic bandpass filter with independently controllable dual passbands
      Integrated optimum design of metal space frame radomes with variable size members involving electromagnetic and structural analysis
      Effect of silver nanoparticle ink drop spacing on the characteristics of coplanar waveguide monopole antennas printed on flexible substrates
      Space mapping optimisation of 2D array elements arrangement to reduce the radar cross-scattering
      Modified current distribution for analysis of spiral antennas
      Design of planar diplexers with improved isolation using the tunable transmission zeros of a dual-mode cavity filter
      3D-spatial efficiency optimisation of MR-WPT using a reconfigurable resonator-array for laptop applications
      Analytical approach for compact shorting pin circular patch antenna
      Performance of a dipole placed above a novel double layered via-less high impedance surface
      High-gain printed monopole arrays with low-complexity corporate-feed network
      Gain improvement of cylindrical dielectric resonator antenna using flat reflector plane: a new approach
      Compact low-profile UWB antenna with characteristic mode analysis for UHF TV white space devices
      Investigation of stimulus signals for a time domain microwave imaging system
      New broad angle frequency scanning antenna with narrow bandwidth based on a CRLH structure
      Synthesis of sparse concentric ring arrays based on Bessel function
      Compact size cognitive radio with non- and uni-planar parasitic coupled section for UWB and WLAN/WiMax application

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