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IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation

Volume 11, Issue 1, 08 January 2017

Volume 11, Issue 1

08 January 2017

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    • Channel models for capacity evaluation of MIMO handsets in data mode
      Spatially decoupled varactor biasing for a tunable staircase filter
      Stacked microstrip linear array with highly suppressed side-lobe levels and wide bandwidth
      Analysis of a loop type ground radiation antenna based on equivalent circuit model
      Revisiting and improvement of thru-reflect-line calibration for accurate measurement of substrate integrated waveguide components
      Dual-band filtering power divider with capacitor-loaded centrally coupled-line resonators
      Design of narrowband evanescent-mode waveguide bandpass filters with closely spaced resonators
      Compact semi-lumped dual- and tri-wideband bandpass filters
      Coupled-line directional coupler with tunable power division ratio and operating frequency
      Reconfigurable frequency selective surface for beam-switching applications
      Design and microwave measurement of a Ka-band HE11 mode corrugated horn for the Faraday rotator
      Analysis and optimisation of broadband stacked microstrip antennas using transmission line model
      Dispersion HIE-FDTD method for simulating graphene-based absorber
      Efficient UWB low noise amplifier with high out of band interference cancellation
      Performance comparison of 60 GHz printed patch antennas with different geometrical shapes using miniature hybrid microwave integrated circuits technology
      Dual-band MIMO dielectric resonator antenna for WiMAX/WLAN applications
      Receiving antenna mode of troposcatter passive ranging based on the signal group delay
      Fundamental even leaky mode in microstrip line loaded with shorting vias
      Simplified RET model derived from path loss and directional spectrum measurements in vegetation media at 11.2 and 20 GHz
      Synthesis design of a wideband impedance transformer consisting of two-section coupled lines

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