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IET Intelligent Transport Systems is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to research into the practical applications of ITS and infrastructures. The scope of the journal includes the following:

  • Sustainable Traffic Solutions;
  • Deployments with enabling technologies;
  • Pervasive Monitoring Applications;
  • Demonstrations and evaluation;
  • Economic and behavioural analyses of ITS services and scenarios;
  • Data Integration and analytics;
  • Information collection and processing;
  • Image processing applications in ITS;
  • ITS aspects of electric vehicles;
  • Autonomous Vehicles;
  • Connected Vehicle Systems;
  • In-vehicle ITS, safety and vulnerable road user aspects;
  • Mobility as a Service Systems;
  • Traffic management and control;
  • Public transport systems technologies;
  • Fleet and public transport logistics;
  • Emergency and incident management;
  • Demand management and electronic payment systems;
  • Traffic related Air Pollution Management;
  • Policy and institutional issues;
  • Interoperability, standards and architectures;
  • Funding scenarios;
  • Enforcement;
  • Human machine interaction;
  • Education, training and outreach;

"ITS integrate telecommunications, electronics and information technologies - in short, 'telematics' - with transport engineering in order to plan, design, operate, maintain and manage transport systems.

This integration aims to improve safety, security, quality and efficiency of the transport systems for passengers and freight, optimising the use of natural resources and respecting the environment.

To achieve such aims, ITS require procedures, systems and devices to allow the collection, communication, analysis and distribution of information and data among moving subjects, the transport infrastructure and information technology applications."

(Source: ITS-EduNet)

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