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IET Intelligent Transport Systems

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  • A new simulation framework for pedestrian dynamics: modelling and calibration
  • Integrating Tools for an effective testing of Connected and Automated Vehicles technologies
  • Modelling and simulation of a new urban freight distribution system based on automatic van platooning and fixed split up locations
  • Intersection traffic signal optimisation considering the impact of upstream curbside bus stops
  • Coherence Analysis of Road Safe Speed and Driving Behaviour from Floating Car Data
  • Perception of autonomous vehicles by the modern society: a survey
  • IoT Assisted Public Security Management Platform for Urban Transportation using Hybridized Cryptographic Integrated Steganography
  • Investigating impact of the heterogeneity of trajectory data distribution on origin-destination estimation: a spatial statistics approach
  • Bio-inspired metaheuristic framework for clustering optimisation in VANETs
  • Modelling large vehicles operating speed characteristics on freeway alignment based on aggregated GPS data
  • Vehicle Collision Avoidance Motion Planning Strategy Using Artificial Potential Field With Adaptive Multi-Speed Scheduler
  • Research on Subway Pedestrian Detection Algorithms Based on SSD Model
  • Characterisation of the impacts of autonomous driving on highway capacity in a mixed traffic environment: an agent-based approach
  • EDF-LPR: a new encoder–decoder framework for license plate recognition
  • Central threat register – a complex system for risk analysis and decision support in railway transport
  • Energy-efficient workload allocation in fog-cloud based services of intelligent transportation systems using a learning classifier system
  • Evaluation of a variable speed limit system using a hierarchical framework under a connected vehicles environment: a case study of a field test in Seattle
  • Multi-Graph Convolutional Network for Short-Term Passenger Flow Forecasting in Urban Rail Transit
  • Path planning for UAV/UGV collaborative systems in intelligent manufacturing
  • A traffic management system for smart road networks reserved for self-driving cars
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