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IET Intelligent Transport Systems

Volume 9, Issue 1, February 2015

Volume 9, Issue 1

February 2015

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    • Editorial
      Characteristics of wrong-way driving on motorways in Japan
      Methodological development of a specific tool for assessing acceptability of assistive systems of powered two-wheeler-riders
      Deriving a surrogate safety measure for freeway incidents based on predicted end-of-queue properties
      Fuzzy-based blended control for the energy management of a parallel plug-in hybrid electric vehicle
    • Proposal for a local electricity-sharing system: a case study of Yokohama city, Japan
      Optimisation of energy efficiency based on average driving behaviour and driver's preferences for automated driving
      On creating vision-based advanced driver assistance systems
      Cost effective railway signalling by wireless communication among onboard controllers and switch controllers
      Night-time pedestrian classification with histograms of oriented gradients-local binary patterns vectors
      Multi-model direct generalised predictive control for automatic train operation system
      Interaction design of automatic steering for collision avoidance: challenges and potentials of driver decoupling
      Autonomous collision avoidance system based on accurate knowledge of the vehicle surroundings

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