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IET Intelligent Transport Systems

Volume 4, Issue 4, December 2010

Volume 4, Issue 4

December 2010

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    • Editorial: Selected papers from the 16th World Congress on ITS
      Innovative single-loop speed estimation model with advanced loop data
      Ecological driver assistance system using model-based anticipation of vehicle–road–traffic information
      ‘Intelligent’ in-vehicle intelligent transport systems: limiting behavioural adaptation through adaptive design
      Auditory signs to support traffic awareness
      Innovative on-demand bus system in Japan
      Controlled inducement and measurement of drowsiness in a driving simulator
      Measuring visual distraction in driving: the potential of head movement analysis
      Estimation of the automatic vehicle identification based spatial travel time information collected in Stockholm
      Enhancing supply chain security with vulnerability management and new technology
      New technology and quality of life for older people: exploring health and transport dimensions in the UK context
      Accelerated incident detection across transportation networks using vehicle kinetics and support vector machine in cooperation with infrastructure agents
      Motorway travel time prediction based on toll data and weather effect integration
      Enhancing the occlusion technique as an assessment tool for driver visual distraction
      Feasibility of road vibrations-based vehicle property sensing
      Role of automatic vehicle location systems and localisation accuracy in freight transport: an analytical estimation of gained operational times
      Greedy algorithm for railway traffic re-scheduling during disturbances: a Swedish case
      Advanced traffic monitoring for sustainable traffic management: experiences and results of five years of collaborative research in The Netherlands
      Flexible organisation of multimodal travel information services

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