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IET Intelligent Transport Systems

Volume 3, Issue 2, June 2009

Volume 3, Issue 2

June 2009

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    • Epidemic algorithms for reliable and efficient information dissemination in vehicular ad hoc networks
      Estimating the impact of abnormal loads on network performance
      Traveller information service based on real-time toll data in Austria
      Truck adaptive following distance based on threat assessment under variable conditions
      Robust mobility adaptive clustering scheme with support for geographic routing for vehicular ad hoc networks
      Spatial econometrics models for congestion prediction with in-vehicle route guidance
      Planning and implementing field operational tests of intelligent transport systems: a checklist derived from the EC FESTA project
    • Intelligent transportation systems: a safe, robust and comfortable strategy for longitudinal monitoring
      Detection of incidents and events in urban networks
      Intelligent vehicle clusters (Inside Com2React project)
      Developing value networks for I2V co-operative services – An Austrian example
      Assessing the effects of inter-vehicle communication systems on road safety
      Safe airport operation based on innovative magnetic detector system

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